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When I am with you, there’s no place I’d rather be

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Because when one person starts showing less effort, the other person will too. And you can’t have that

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sleeping in your boyfriend’s arms has got to be the most safest and comfortable place in this world

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Anything I do I just feel like its never enough -like everything I do is just wrong.

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I’m crying.

LMAOOOOOOOOO the screaming in the beginning

"mr. owl"
"oh jesus christ"
"please don’t give me that look"
"please don’t fly"


That owl is 30000000% done

every time this video graces me with its presence i feel obliged to reblog it

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This was just funny to me 😂 #buzzfeed

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Why does going to school have to be so difficult..

Why is FCC telling me this (basically): There are 200 students that log in every day to try and schedule a same-day counseling appointment at 7:45AM but we only offer one appointment -or two so you can try again tomorrow to be one of the lucky students”

and why is it that when it’s 7:58AM, the phone lines are “busy” when they actually open at 8AM? And no, it’s not the “Call during our hours” message, it’s the “Our phones lines are busy. Please call back later”


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Andrew Rayel feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn - One In A Million (Album Mix)

Friday 08.01.14 @ Hollywood Palladium (Los Angeles, CA)
Cosmic Gate with special guest, Andrew Rayel
Get your tickets here!

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The selfish part of me needs for you to stay

Cause girl you keep a smile stretched across my face

And I would give anything now

But you would lose everything now.

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Making the decision to leave Santa Cruz is probably the most difficult, life-changing decision I’ve ever made. I always bashed about how boring Santa Cruz was, but it is honestly home to me. The people I have met along the way here has made Santa Cruz home; the beauty of the city itself is home. I’ll miss being able to walk almost anywhere in 15-20 minutes. I will miss the city busses that take me far and the neighboring cities: San Jose and Capitola. I will miss the air..the lovely weather.. the beach. 

But what am I to do if I don’t like what I’m studying -if I don’t see or have a direction to go after I achieve it? All I see is a struggling college student whose GPA will never be high enough; whose extra-curricular activities aren’t as many as others…a college student with stacked-up loans.

But leaving doesn’t make me stupid. It doesn’t make me a loser. Nobody knows the challenge I faced here. Heck, I was a full-time student running on quarter system with 3 jobs! I don’t know how I survived 2 years but I did it. Though I will not be graduating from the University of Calif, Santa Cruz I will be okay..and everything will be okay.

I love this place like no other. But this isn’t good bye forever. I will visit my loved ones and friends